Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) introduces new online application process for Migration Skills Assessment and Migration Points Advice Programs

Combined Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) Australia

TRA has introduced a new online application process for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) and the Migration Points Advice (MPA) programs effective from 18 March 2020.

Applications for MSA or MPA programs are to be submitted through the TRA Online Portal accessed via the TRA website. The TRA Online Portal streamlines the application process and replaces the need for application documents to be emailed to TRA.

Applications for MSA or MPA submitted by email prior to 18 March 2020 will not be affected by these changes and the application will be processed.

Changes in Applicant Guidelines:

The Applicant Guidelines for MSA & MPA will be updated to reflect the new application processes. The eligibility requirements remain the same for both programs, however, there is a minor change for both programs with the evidence required for self-employment arrangements.


Skills assessments are issued by relevant skills assessing authorities. A skills assessing authority is an organisation that checks that your skills meet the standards they set to work in a relevant occupation.

The combined list of eligible skilled occupations sets out all relevant occupations under 4 occupation lists. Most occupations in each list have their own skills assessing authority. We can only accept a skills assessment issued by the relevant assessing authority.

Each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes and charges according to the nominated occupation.

Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for some visa subclasses (and streams) and may be requested for others.

Skills assessment is the first step for getting the visa under General Skilled Migration for Australia subclass 189, 190 or 491. It determines your education and experience on the relevant nominated occupation by the designated skills assessing authorities of Australia. Many assessing authorities also issue points test advice which helps to claim the exact points in next stage.


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