The Great Australia Bushfires Disaster

Australia Bushfires

Its been weeks now and Nearly Whole Australian Region is burning under bush fires. First it was the Amazon Rain forest and now its Australia.

Australia Bushfires

  • 19 peoples were dead
  • Approx.500 million animals dead
  • 8,000 koalas were dead
  • Over 5.5 million hectares burned (the size of Belgium)
  • Fire perimeter more than 10,000 miles long
  • More than 1400 homes destroyed
  • Thousands of other buildings & structures destroyed
  • An as yet uncalculated number damaged
  • 10 million people or more breathing in toxic levels of bushfire smoke
  • Australia’s largest ever evacuation under way
  • Third State of Emergency declared for New South Wales this fire season
  • State of Disaster declared for the state of Victoria.
  • Thousands of people trapped in towns that need to be evacuated
  • Thousands of people on beaches sheltering from intense heat, ash and burning embers.

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